What does Endometriosis mean to us?

Megan and Vanessa wearing matching endometriosis Crown + Beauty sweaters showcasing business owners transparency with customers.

We ARE the 1 in 10! 

Endometriosis effects us all, Every. Single. Day!  

It is a constant invisible disease that effects our lives daily. For those who aren’t aware of this disease, Endometriosis occurs when bits of the tissue that lines the uterus (endometrium) grow on other pelvic organs, such as the ovaries or fallopian tubes. Outside the uterus, endometrial tissue thickens and bleeds, just as the normal endometrium does during the menstrual cycle but aside from the wikipedia definition there is a shit ton more to this disease than what we just google. Endometriosis is more than just period pain.PERIOD. Everyone thinks “ oh you have Endo, I heard that causes bad periods, you should try Aleeve (or some other nonsense over the counter pain reliever - insert eye roll ) What most, actually majority of people, don’t understand about Endo is that it is a daily devil. Its the cysts, the constant need for rest and then insomnia, the knife like feeling up our back, Ughhhh!, its the unbearable back pain, the all-of-a sudden taser like jab pain outta nowhere in your ovary when your at the checkout ( at that moment you literally want to crumble to the ground but can’t - waaaahhhh ) and then not to mention the back and forth between feeling great one day and then feeling super awful the next, and a kajillion more symptoms we could go on and on. 

Women all over the globe are affected by this monster of a disease and more needs to be done to find a forever cure! Go girl power! 

 Both of Vanessa and I have endometriosis but Megan suffers from both endometriosis and Adenomyosis.

There are times when we are on our way to an event and have to pull over because all of a sudden our ovary decides to have a stab attack, putting us in immobile pain ( you literally feel like a plane flew into you ) You can’t move, you can’t talk, just breathing is difficult. We are forever grateful that we understand each others pain, like REALLY understand, even though we both obviously wish we didn’t have this disease there’s nothing more comforting than having someone who fully understands. 

With regular everyday activities we have to always be thinking and ready to act, in case Endo 👿decides to pop up and say 👋🏽 The simplest things can trigger a flare up. When going for dinner we always ask each other when deciding what to order “this will give us a flare up won’t it?” or “that will hurt later” It’s a permanent imprint in your brain to always think of Mr. Endo first before making plans, eating something fun, or just a normal daily task. 

Period time is honestly the worst for Megan only because the Adenomyosis takes over, and 9 times out of 10, we’re going to the ER for pain management. Which at most times can take up to 2-3 hours to see a doctor and get relief. Why are women still going through this? Its year 2020, (mind blown) 

The month of March is Endo Awareness and we will be attending every event we can to bring more awareness to this as it hits home for us both. (Unfortunately because of CoVid-19 all events were cancelled ☹️) As moms of young girls we want to do what we can to prevent this disease from being incurable to being curable. Our greatest fear is having one of our daughters inherit this disease from us. 

No women should have to live this way! It’s still taking wayyyy to long for a diagnosis! Things need to change! 

LETS MAKE A CHANGE!!! because if there is one thing women can do IT IS CHANGE!!!! 

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