We're in VOGUE!

Crown + Beauty’s vegan and natural hair and skincare line featured in Vogue magazine highlighting PRETTY BLONDES purple shampoo, TO THE RESCUE hair mask and SEA COMPLEXION skincare.
Did you hear??!! Our hair and skin care products were featured in VOGUE magazine?! I know.... we were equally ecstatic as well. 


Our products are created with an obsessive attention to detail and we have poured our hearts and soul into making sure they not only smell amazing but that they work! We created our hair care to help transform the most stubborn and damaged hair back to a healthier and happier mane. Our skin care is formulated with an all organic ingredient list whilst using all natural essential oils to help combat skin issues all the way from acne to rosacea to wrinkle reducing. We wanted an all natural skin care line that heals and soothes the skin in the most natural way!

It was a time consuming process for sure but worth all the positive feedback and reviews we have received. We strongly believe our hair and skin care products will rock your medicine cabinet and revolutionize your beauty routine.


So, have you tried them yet? What are you waiting for???!!!


Don’t just take our word for it… take VOGUES! 



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Vanessa and Megan inside Oakville salon with protective gear, following new safety measures for COVID-19.

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Blonde client advertising PRETTY BLONDES purple shampoo that helps maintain blonde colour wearing Crown + Beauty’s merchandise sweater.

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Megan and Vanessa featured in Women on Topp Magazine as the iconic hairstylist and aesthetician duo.

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