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Vanessa and Megan inside Oakville salon with protective gear, following new safety measures for COVID-19.



Surviving Covid-19…

As moms and entrepreneurs of a beauty business, the corona virus pandemic has hit us hard on both ends. 

As mothers, we experienced a profound shift in our lives — well beyond the dramatic changes to our regular routine 

All-day parenting has brought us much closer to our kids, and also made us want to run far, far away from them (just kidding…mostly).

It has been a little overwhelming, this new routine of not having activities, and so there are emotional moments.

Every day is different, and we try and plan different activities but there’s only so many things one toddler can do before they’re bored. (daycares, please open) 

Obviously, we wouldn’t wish this on anyone, but the pandemic has helped us take a break that we never otherwise would have taken. 

One real positive in all this is that we have noticed that more women and (men) have started taking better care of their hair and skin. Our online store has never been more active with people purchasing more "Sea Complexion moisturizer" and "To the Rescue" hair masks. The beauty regime has changed and turned over to the more natural side of things. Women are looking into products that are going to help heal their specific skin issues as well as giving their hair a break from heating tools and hair dye, in turn they are giving their hair, at home treatments, and going au natural. Im sure their hair is screaming from the roof tops, Hallelujah! And skin is also getting a breather with less makeup application, projecting the glamour of full-face make-up feels unseemly in these difficult times, and less women falling asleep with their makeup on (ladies removing your makeup is a must, and we mean, a MUST!!!)

While many of the beauty habits we have been forced to adopt will remain well beyond the coronavirus outbreak, I’m more than positive women (and men) can’t wait to get back to the salons and barber shops. 

All in all we have always known what’s important, but it has reminded us to slow down and smell the roses, and to understand that we don’t need to be so rushed all the time, trying to get everything done. It’s kind of refreshing to be honest. 

Looking forward to seeing everyone soon! Stay safe and enjoy this time!





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