SOLVED: Purple Shampoo on Dry hair and Your Other Questions Answered

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Have questions about whether purple shampoo is right for you? If you have dry hair, brassy hair, or questions related to how to use Purple Shampoo, here are the top 6 tips.


1. Should I use purple shampoo on dry hair?

IF you are blonde, the answer is absolutely yes! Purple Shampoo is a hair cleanser with purple pigment. The pigment in the shampoo is formulated to help cancel out unwanted brassy tones. 

2. Should I leave purple shampoo in hair for an hour?

THAT DEPENDS!! It really comes down to the brand of purple shampoo you're using. Some brands are very pigmented, and by leaving it on for an hour can turn your hair grey. Whereas other brands aren't so pigmented and therefore will just tone out the brass. Personally, in our experience 10-15 mins is sufficient enough to help tone and cancel out that yucky brass.

3. How long should I leave purple shampoo for orange hair in?

Purple shampoo was designed for yellow-orange hair. If your hair is more orange, then purple shampoo won't be as effective. It also means it's time to book that appt. with your hairdresser to go lighter. 

4. How to use purple shampoo to tone hair?

Most manufacturers suggest using the purple shampoo as you would a regular shampoo. Lathering from roots to ends. Leave on your hair for up to 5 mins, then rinse off and apply conditioner.


5. Whats the difference between blue shampoo and purple shampoo?

Let's reflect back to the colour wheel. When trying to cancel out or neutralize a tone it's important to go back to the drawing board. Blue shampoo is best for orange hair. Keep in mind using Blue Shampoo on orange hair isn't necessarily going to make you blonde, it'll simply help neutralize the tone and cancel out as much brass as possible. Purple shampoo is best on yellow-tones. The Purple will help cancel out the yellow, giving you a brighter, ashier blonde.

How to use purple shampoo to get white hair?

Let's keep it simple, to get white hair using purple shampoo your hair must be as light/yellow as the inside of a banana. If your hair isn't light enough NO purple shampoo in this world will get you white as there is no lifting agent.

Here are our favourite purple shampoo products for dry hair and, most hair types (We're biased ;) 

Pretty Blondes is a purple base shampoo that was formulated to kick brassy hair goodbye. Pretty Blondes does not compare to other leading purple shampoo brands and here is why....

  • It's is super pigmented
  • its enriched with a luxury surfactant that will cleanse your hair and scalp nicely without drying out your hair
  • It will normalize the pH of your scalp which means it'll improve the health of your scalp. Healthy scalp = healthy hair!
  • Pretty Blondes is also infused with seabukthorn oil. Sea buckthorn oil is enriched with antioxidants and fatty acids to help heal, and improve your hair from being processed. 
  • Pretty blondes will NOT dry out your hair compared to other leading brands

Here are a few of our favourite Purple Shampoo's.




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author: Vanessa Carter

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