Megan and Vanessa holding hands poolside to provide fun facts about the owners of Crown + Beauty.

5 Fun Facts about US!...

  1. Both our birthdays are in August... but Megan is a LEO ♌️ and Vanessa is a VIRGO♍️ which makes for an amazing business dynamic duo. Megan’s upbeat energy and creative ways compliment Vanessa’s grounded business sense and knowledge (helloooo 🌎 earth signs everywhere, am I right?! )
  2. Both have mini me’s under the age of 3 👩‍👩‍👧‍👧 being mompreneurs is a hard balance everyday but we wouldn’t trade it for anything. The struggle 🚌 can get very real lol. 
  3. Both have naturally curly hair that can get very annoying to deal with at times (💁🏼‍♀️ shoutout to all our curly hair Queens ) this is why we created “TO THE RESCUE” hair mask and named it just that 🙌🏼 
  4. Both have Endometriosis. Ughhhhh is all we have to say! #endo can be such a jerk. All the queens who have this disease we salute u and keep on fighting 💪🏽 
  5. We both have been in the hair and skin care/makeup industry  ✂️ for over 20 years! We LOVE what we do and wouldn’t trade it for anything! Formulating and creating hair and skin care is our passion and joy! 💫

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Megan and Vanessa working on formulating the ingredients for their exclusive natural vegan hair and skincare products.

Partnership is a Marriage

Megan and Vanessa featured in Women on Topp Magazine as the iconic hairstylist and aesthetician duo.

WOMEN ON TOPP Magazine Feature Article

Megan and Vanessa wearing matching endometriosis Crown + Beauty sweaters showcasing business owners transparency with customers.

What does Endometriosis mean to us?


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